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Click on the image to Book a consultation with Tracy Clifford Statt, one of South Africa’s leading hypnosis experts.

Hypnosis is a naturally occuring state, which we go in and out of several times during the day. It also occurs as we are about to fall asleep and as we are waking.  Hypnosis on its own, is simply relaxation…but coupled with professional techniques, it becomes a powerful methodology… Click on the image to see how hypnosis can help you.

Tracy Clifford Statt

Tracy Clifford Statt, founder of Hypnozone, Creator of the “Hypnocize Movement Motivation programme”, is one of South Africa’s leading hypnosis experts. She is a founder member of the British Brainworking Research Society.

In addition to having personally trained under such master hypnotherapists as George Bien, and Roy Hunter. Tracy maintains a psychotherapy practice and has obtained 17 hypnosis, psychotherapy, health and fitness related qualifications.

Tracy is a world championship dinghy sailor, wife to a loving husband, and mother to four fantastic children.

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“HIgh Performance” Training

For years, Africa has been isolated from the more progressive world of professional Hypnosis. I have carried out a 5 year plan, investing in ADVANCED training across the globe, with top professionals in the field. It is now time to make these skills accessible to anyone who aims for training and self-help through professional hypnosis and mind skills development.

Why “High Performance”?

Far from the mystical and mysterious, the true hypnosis professional works from sound, technical knowledge, using methods that have been tried and tested.

How can we help you?

Hypnosis can be used as a highly effective tool to directly target and quickly resolve a vast array of difficulties that you, the client, might be experiencing. Tracy is an expert practitioner in Hypnosis Suggestion, Free Association, Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), Simbiodynamics, WSN, Broadband for the Brain and Hypnobirthing in addition to many other techniques. Tracy is also an innovator having developed her very own Hypnocize program. Hypnosis can be used to treat:

  • stress and anxiety disorders,
  • quit smoking,
  • manage weight,
  • overcome fear
  • confidence-related issues,
  • deal with trauma,

… and almost any other psychological challenge that you might be facing. Feel free to get in touch with Tracy should you wish to know more.

“I want to thank you for this experience from the bottom of my heart. You are a fantastic teacher; I am actually enjoying the course even more than I thought I would and the rest of the group are really fun. Everything just feels “right” about this undertaking (for once). This is the first time that I get to study something that I am genuinely interested in. I just wish we could do an extra weekend a month.”

Hein SchaferSACPH student (July 2013)

“Today I am feeling like a ‘great’ therapist.. Love my work.. And just so eternally grateful for your help, guidance and support “

Kim YoungBSc (hons) MSc HBCE CHt, HypnoBirthing Faculty member, Regional Liaison and Practitioner trainer for South Africa

“Is this supposed to work so quickly? Wow, I feel so good already!”

BWRT® Corporate Client:-Comment after first BWRT® Session

Hi Tracy, just want to let you know that XXX now has so much confidence she is horse riding & jumping at the year end show on Saturday! Awesome! You really achieved a break through with her – thank you so much!

Mother of teenage clientOvercame fear to compete on horseback